Constant Garden 1st delivery: Nothing Like the Present…

So here it is. The 1st Delivery of my Small Constant Garden from Rocket Gardens.

rocket gardens delivery 1

The box has been left on my doorstep, it looks enticing, and I’m very excited opening it. Inside are 40 seed potatoes, 10 each of 4 varieties, each in brown paper bags and clearly labelled . Everything is so beautifully packaged, that 40 shrivelled potatoes do indeed feel like a present.

2015-03-27 17.05.33

The vegetable garden isn’t anywhere near ready yet, and I’ll need all that space for the other 4 deliveries of veg. I decide to grow the potatoes in bags, and order 8 online from, who have a special offer on. I’m thinking 5 potatoes to a bag, which is pushing it, but let’s see what I get!

Luckily, potatoes need to chit first for a couple of weeks before they are ready to plant. I put them on racks in the garage to start the process and wait for the bags to arrive.

It makes me realise I’d better get on with finishing the raised beds in time for the second delivery of plants, which is only a couple of weeks away!


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