Constant Garden 2nd delivery: TGI (nearly) Friday

image image

I’ve finished the raised beds just in time, as the 2nd delivery from Rocket Gardens arrives. I get home from work to find that the box has been thoughtfully left By FedEx in the shade by my back door.

I open it up, and there are layers of clean, slightly damp straw, with bare-rooted plug plants in between. They are all looking amazingly perky,  and have been so carefully packaged. And it is a blessed relief and heart-warming that there are absolutely no plastic pots or bags to throw away… Even the straw I’m going to keep for later use in the garden.

But there are a lot of plants that need immediate attention before they start to wilt. I quickly get out all my baking trays, fill them with an inch of water, and give all the plants a drink.

Thank goodness it’s Friday tomorrow, and I’ve got the day off!

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