Making the beds 4: adding the top soil

Raised beds top soil

Just like the gravel, my well-researched online purchase of top soil (a mix advertised as suitable for raised beds) arrives in 2 dumper bags and is left by the front gate (the lorry is too big to reverse in).

Just like the gravel, I move it, with a shovel and wheelbarrow, into the raised beds. Four back-breaking hours later, and five beds are filled… I underestimated how much I’d need and I’m going to have to get some more for the 6th.

another boot load of compost

I visit a local supplier of compost and buy 10 bags of their own mix of topsoil, which actually works out much cheaper, and easier to handle, than having the dumper bags delivered. I kick myself for presuming that online and in-bulk is the best value… Half of the cost of having it delivered had been just for that. Delivery.

It was backbreaking, mucky work shifting from where they’d left it in the road to the beds (thank goodness it wasn’t raining). The smaller, clean bags I could off-load from the back of the car and lift into the beds, cut them open and hey-presto! No shovelling, no heavy wheelbarrows, no mucky hands or spills.

But the next morning I look out of the window and all the beds are filled! At last, I have a vegetable garden ready to fill with plants! Im chuffed to bits, and am really looking forward to getting the 2nd delivery of Constant Garden veg from Rocket Gardens.

Filled beds with top soil

I bought the raised beds for this first stage of the garden from
They often have very good deals on these pressure treated, FSC wooden beds… Click here to be taken directly to their selection of Raised Beds. The ones I bought were 120x120cm (4’x4′). They come unpainted, flat packed, with all the screws, and are easy to put together (although I recommend you use an electric screwdriver to make it quicker).

I painted the beds with two coats of Black eco woodstain from

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