‘Good for humans and nature’


‘Good for humans and nature’. Why use anything else?

This is what I’ve stained the beds with. It really upgrades the cheap beds, making striking frames for the veg. Extra work, and needs a sunny day so you can do it all outside, but I think it’s worth the effort.

I went for this eco friendly one as I don’t want any nasties leaching into the veg beds.  And I  chose stain rather than paint as it’s got a lovely mat finish that lets the character of the wood come through. It’s also really easy to apply.

It wasn’t cheap, just under £65 for a 2.5L tin, but that did 2 coats, covering 6 x 4’square beds, with plenty left to match up  my cold frames and the odd post.

You can buy it direct from the Auro website, where there’s lots more info on its credentials.

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