Constant Garden 4th delivery: hot and bothered


It’s a hot day, and I have a box load of 100+ thirsty plants needing to be tucked up in bed by midnight. It is like Christmas getting one of these boxes, but by the 4th delivery I’m starting to feel a bit ‘over-indulged’.

Luckily, I’ve got all day (although I do wonder how others are managing? I’m lucky to live 10 minutes drive from my flexi-job, and have the veg patch outside my back door. If I was in full-time employment, commuting, and then having to get to the allotment and get all these planted before it got dark… I’m not sure I’d be enjoying it as much).

And even better, I planned ahead and worked out I’d need a lot more prepared ground than my original 6 beds. These aren’t quite so regimented, squeezed in, organic-fashion, around the irregular perimeter between the raised beds and the stream.

By the end of the day, everything is planted, and even the sorriest of the plants are begining to perk up.

My Nice Man jokes that soon there won’t be any lawn left. I laugh, nervously, as of course I’ve already got plans….


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