Sidings of comfrey and joy

Pennard hillI’m en route to my parents house in the next village and stop to take a photo. Who would imagine, looking at this, that the ‘city’ of Glastonbury Festival is in full-swing on the other side of this hill. 

I’ve stopped to take the photo next to this signpost, and notice some plants with purple/blue flowers. Comfrey!

Comfrey makes a great natural fertiliser, and I had a patch of it on my allotment in Bath, many years ago. I remember how useful it was to harvest the leaves to make a smelly fertiliser ‘tea’ in a bucket, or just lay the leaves around the plants to rot into the soil.

There’s a variety called Boking 14, that won’t set seed and get out of control. I mustn’t forget to get some, and will probably get them from the OrganicGardeningCatalogue.

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