You’re filthy cute and baby you know it


Well, I never knew it was Maris Peer creamy new potatoes Prince was singing about?

IMG_1160.JPGThe experiment of growing potatoes in bags has paid off in terms of beautiful creamy white potatoes, easily extracted with a little fumble, and that barely need rinsing before lightly steaming in a little water.

imageIs there anybody in there? 

I think I’d have got more per plant if I’d done 3 seed potatoes in a bag, rather than 5. In this first bag, I got about triple of what’s shown above (…lbs worth). And they do need a lot of watering grown this way, for all those tiny potatoes to swell. I was surprised how dry the soil was… I’m watering the remaining 7 bags of assorted varieties daily now!

Meanwhile, cooked straight from the garden, with plenty of goats butter and a little salt…. Taste and texture?

Baby, there ain’t nobody better.


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