Alpine for you

It always amazes me that the birds and slugs don’t seem to notice Alpine (wild) strawberries. These are un-netted and -only planted a few weeks ago!- the first ones are ripening up nicely now.  

I think the Strulch mulch that I put around the plants has helped keep the slugs off. But the birds love to scratch through it looking for food, so I’m perplexed as to why they don’t gobble these up?

Wild strawberries are undiscovered and underrated by humans too.

I think they are much more tasty than cultivated ones, with a champagne fizz that pops like Space Dust in the mouth. All enhanced by the excitement of finding them. And so easy to grow, quite happy and fruitful under trees, shrubs or other shady areas. Once these have established, they’ll be loads. Yummy!

Digging out a circle for the alpine strawberries earlier in the summermaking a bed under the apple tree

Finished bed under the apple tree

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