Chillin’ not chilly


I’ve not grown chillies before, and I was surprised that an assortment of 5 chilli plants was included in the 4th delivery of my Constant Garden.

All the text books say grow them in a greenhouse, so Rocket Gardens are either making the assumption that most amateur gardeners already have invested in one for their ‘small’ garden, or they are going to give us all a nice surprise when these come to tropical fruition on our patios.

I’m experimenting by using one of those foil thingies, used to keep ice off the windscreen in winter (I got mine from Lidl for a couple of quid back in December). My theory is that the reflecting light will help toast the chillies with as much sun and heat as is possible in the UK, and give them the Californian tan they deserve. Let’s see if it works! image


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