Don’t worry, be wowed

I’ve just had a two night break away in the Lake District. As every gardener knows, leaving your garden for this long, at this time of year, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!

However, I manage not to worry about my garden too much by being wowed by the lush greenery, verdant healthiness, and gigantic proportions of plants in the Lake District. We only have time to visit a few spots around Kendal and Lake Windemere, but everywhere we go the grass is green and immaculate, the hedges and edges tamed, and borders bursting with whopping bursts of flower-full borders.

We visited Blackwell House, a 1901 Arts and Crafts stunner, abundant with decorative flora references.

And on the last day, a visit to the home of Lakeland Horticultural Society at Holehird Gardens, near Windemere, which is completely run and gardened by volunteers. Immaculate, and abundant with interesting and inspiring planting. 

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