Given the green light…

In the evening sun, after an afternoon of much-needed torrential rain, and all the greenery seems to be shouting: “GROW!”

How peas do please. Best eaten right there and then, straight from the pod, accompanied by a small child.

  Celery planted under the runner bean canes. Both very thirsty, hungry plants. Will the extra-rich soil I’ve prepared, the thick Strulch mulch, and the daily watering be enough to satisfy them both?

 A threesome in this bed, young artichokes, Brussel sprouts and lettuces. The race is on!

The edge of the bed totters against a steep bank down to the stream. I’ve just planted this with a gift-of-ferns, in amongst the primroses and bluebells that are already there.  Having got rid of some ugly shrubs, the bank needs some shoring up.

 Savoy. The king of cabbages?

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