Making the beds 5: Losing the plot

expanding the bedsYou may have noticed that I have numerous other raised beds beyond the original Formal 6 I’ve shown in the making. Long before the 3rd Constant Garden delivery was on its way, I’d figured out that 6 x 4 ft square raised beds, and 8 potato grow bags, were not going to be nearly enough. So I started to add more beds, in a more ‘organic’, less formal fashion.

I’d already added edging beds around the Formal 6, for flowering plants and herbs. The flowers were specifically chosen for their bee and butterfly attracting properties.

Building the corner flower beds to attract bees and other pollinators, and to ‘ground’ the new vegetable beds into the more rustic old garden.building the corner flower beds in May

Flowering plants, waiting in the warm, before planting outMay plants for the flower beds, potted on

Positioning box balls before deciding where to put thempositioning box balls ready for planting in May

Then, I added a couple more beds to the other end of the Formal 6, still keeping it symmetrical, with a larger 3×6 ft bed, and two small triangular ones.

The beds start to get shaped to fill the available space, while leaving room to get around with a wheelbarrow and lawnmowerIMG_4902

After removing the grass with a spade, I shook off most of the soil, then added a good few inches of quality top soil.topsoil from Michael Kings

This was all quite intensive work, but I still had to find more space for the 4th delivery. So I decided to dig up the area between the Formal 6 and the steep bank down to the stream. I’ll call these my ‘irregular beds’ for now, as they were just built ‘as and when’ to fit the space. I don’t really like triangular or odd-shaped beds. They are not particularly practical, all those pointy corners drying out and not enough soil to plant into. But I made the most of the space I had, trying to get as many practical squares as possible.

Now that they too are beginning to fill out I rather like them.

These are the photos from May, when just planted'irregular' beds, planted and temporary netting

NB. The plant in the gravel above isn’t a weed! It’s chives, which I know likes growing in gravel, and will help ‘soften’ the cornerswanton beds

And now I’ve identified some more potential veg planting spots… maybe an autumn project.

Will there by any lawn left?!



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