Rain stops play

Rainy day in the garden

Fridays have, until today, been a full-on gardening day. Although not overly warm, it has been a relatively dry spring and summer, by UK standards. I’ve been incredibly lucky with the weather, managing to get a lot built and planted in a short time.

Today is different. It’s raining heavily. There are weather warnings, which in this part of the world can mean flooding. A bit of rain doesn’t normally put me off but (despite all that vitamin-packed homemade coleslaw) I’ve got a bad summer cold, so I’m happy to just look out the window.

At least I won’t have to water the garden, which has become a bit of a chore as I don’t have an outside tap. Yet. Unlike the weather, my gardening funds have run dry. Ive been meaning to employ a plumber but have instead been filling up the watering can from the downstairs bathroom… a bit of a lengthy process.

However, sometimes things done slowly isn’t a bad thing. You get up closer to things, and notice more. You have moments to reflect and consider and change your mind before a rash decision. It’s also very good for the arms.

Still, I’m very much looking forward to the installation of an outside tap.

Watering can

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