Strange goings-on in the wild patch

I’m starting to develop (or rather, I’m letting nature develop) a wild grassy area in the corner of the garden, with a mown winding path through to the turf ‘n’ cuttings compost heap. The aim is to encourage some wild life… Flowers, birds, bees, butterflies… Plus, it’s less to mow.

I’ve scattered some flower seed, probably too willy-nilly to come to anything. So nothing much seen yet apart from grass…

Then you spot something out-of-the-ordinary. A group of 20 or so highly active insects. What are these and what on earth are they up to? (Not the couple underneath. I know what they’re up to).

At first sight I thought they were flying ants, but they’re more substantial. Not more than 1cm long, are they some sort of wasp? And are they intentionally pulling in those blades of grass? Crawling all over the seed pods, but don’t seem to be eating or collecting…

I look again later in the evening, and they are completely still, huddled in between and inside the empty pods? Asleep?  They’re still there 24 hours later, like a group of village 17 year olds, in black leather jackets, hanging around outside a pub. They must be up to something?!

Any ideas welcome!

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