You can never have enough hats, gloves, and shoes…

According to Patsy in AbFab…


And this also applies to gardening. 

Yes, gloves. Now I know many ‘rustic’ gardeners don’t care much for gloves, especially in summer. But I do. If you have a life outside of gardening, dirty torn fingernails and dry, calloused palms ingrained with black, are not seemly… And will get painfully sore quite quickly.

I’ve tried all sorts of gloves, from expensive luxury leather (that turns to hardened chamois in the wet), to novelty cotton prints (that are ill-fitting, soil sponges).

 I think the lightweight, dexterous, and breathable ones, with rubber palms and fingertips, are the best. Reasonably washable, and hard wearing, and not too hot. Or expensive. 


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