You say tomay?to, I say tomah!to

Is it just me, or does everything seem to be late developing this year? It’s been dry, on the whole, and not particularly warm. The ground has had a good soaking this last week in Somerset, so fingers crossed now for some warm weather to get things moving.

Like the tomatoes. The three varieties sent by Rocket Gardens I didn’t think would survive. They didn’t like the bare-rooted ride in the delivery box, and were a bit bruised, broken or lanky.  I unceremoniously bunged them in next to the peas and onions, as it was the only place I could find for them at the time and haven’t really bothered about them since. 

Instead, I bought more tomatoes, a fancy ‘Seeds of Italy’ selection dying of thirst on offer outside Waitrose (irresistible on too many levels). Those went into posh troughs that I hung from a painted pallet, and propped against the garage to get as much sun as possible, and have been watered every day, and ‘fed’.  Miei bambino preziosi!!

So back to the Rocket Garden ones… and having cut down the finished peas I see that, despite being completely ignored, they’re doing okay. I didn’t label them properly, (just gave them unmarked graves) so it will be interesting to see what will be which. I’ve got a feeling the ones pictured above might be Tigerella? And will they out perform the spoilt-rotten Italians?

 What say you? 

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