“No dig” at DMV

Despite the name of my blog, I’m a big fan of the “no dig” method of gardening.

All my vegetable beds have been designed and built so that I won’t need to dig them again in the future. They are all accessible without having to stand on the soil, so avoiding compaction.

Plenty of organic matter has been added from the start, encouraging worms to populate and ‘turn over’ the soil. This keeps it aerated, creating a healthy environment for good fauna and bacteria.

In addition to supplementing the soil with my homemade compost, I’ll add more organic matter as a weed-suppressing mulch during the winter months. The earth worms will do the work of digging it in.

But to get a new bed started, a certain amount of digging is needed. I could cover the area with organic matter and black plastic to kill the grass and weeds, wait a few months, and get the same (if not better) results.

But I’m just too impatient for more growing space!Digging

I’ve found another area at the end of the formal beds. It’s on a triangular space of lawn that gets a good amount of sun. As there’s a steep drop into a stream on one side and the shed on the other I’ve made the bed semi-circular. This will make it easier to get around with the wheelbarrow and lawn mower.

So, a little more space … Now, what to put in it?!

New bed

By the way, these raspberries are in a large pot, which will be moved later… They are a new dwarf variety, perfect for small spaces, called ‘Ruby Beauty’. It doesn’t need staking, is thornless, and is supposed to be prolific autumn fruiter. I haven’t seen any evidence of fruit forming yet, so I’ll update you on that in a later post.

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