One potato, two potato…

This morning I emptied the remaining early potato bags and got my daughter to help me do a potato count.  The Charlottes, came in at @ 50 useable potatoes per grow sack (we’ve already eaten, or shared, one grow sack). So planting 5 per bag gave a yield of around 1=10. These Charlottes are, by the way, delicious… Yellow coloured, creamy and tasty. The row at the bottom of the picture shows ones that have started to get scab. We didn’t have that problem with the first sack harvested a couple of weeks ago, so just as well I’ve harvested these now.


This is the Arrow variety,  yet to be tasted. It has produced around 80 useable spuds… 10 planted, so that’s a yield of 1=8.

I have no idea whether either of those was a ‘good’ yield or not. Or whether we’d have got more planting fewer spuds per bag. We don’t eat a huge amount of potatoes, and if they hadn’t been a gift I wouldn’t have grown them at all. But the grow sacks have been easy to plant, tend and harvest, all relatively free of hassle and mud. They’ve been easy to move around as I developed the kitchen garden, and have acted as wind breaks for other vulnerable plants. And they’ve been a delicious treat. So I’d definitely grow them again this way. I’ve still got two bags of main crop Electra, to harvest later in the summer. 

Meanwhile, I’ve re-bagged the soil from the other varieties, which was a mixture of top soil and compost, and I’ll mix that in with my wormery compost to reinvigorate it for future use. 

All in all, one potato crop = lots of satisfaction 🙂 



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