Spot the difference

trimmed rocket

Trimmed mizuma

Both of these front-of-bed crops have had a hair cut to encourage some fresh new growth. Both are 10 plants each, of rocket (rucola) in the top photo and Japanese mizuna in the bottom photo. Both were supplied in the Constant Garden deliveries and, while I like a few leaves of peppery rocket atop salads and steaks, I think one plant would have been plenty. Same with the mizuna, which I’ve only recently tried for the first time and, although quite nice cooked (tasted a bit like spinach), I didn’t particularly take to it raw.

Behind the mizuna I’ve got what’s left of the second delivery of carrots, which have got quite chunky and are starting to split (not enough water, apparently). And behind that I’ve got the runner beans and celery, drinking like Geordies and battling it out for supremacy.

Behind the rocket I’ve finished the first lot of carrots, and have a patch of onions, which are starting to show signs of bulging at the base. And behind that I’ve got the Constant Garden tomatoes, which are doing alright, despite cramped living conditions and slap-dash service.


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