Strawberries forever

I bought half a dozen cultivated strawberry plants very late in the season. They were on special offer, and I only got a handful of fruits off the lot. (I think the main crop had already been eaten by the red-faced lady on the till at the garden centre).

Still, the few I got were very nice, especially off the variety ‘Hapil’. (The others are Cambridge Favourite and Honeoye, both good old-fashioned varieties). And, as they were all sending out runners with babies on, I thought it worth seeing if I could propagate a few more plants for next year.

I filled some small pots with compost mixed with a bit of grit, and positioned them close to the mother plants. Taking each of the runners, and keeping the baby plants attached, I gently pushed the roots of each into a pot of its own. I secured them with a handful of grit, a stone or a peg. Anything that came to hand that would keep them in position for the roots to take hold.

A few weeks later I simply snipped them off the runner stems, et voila!  I’ve got a dozen new cloned plants, on their way to getting established for fruiting next year.

Now, where on earth to put them?!

A dozen satellite pots circle the ‘mothership’ of original strawberry plantsPropagating strawberries

Baby plants still on the rip under stems, held in position with a stone or wire peg.Propagating strawberries

I planted my original Strawberries in balcony planters that I hung from a painted pallet propped against a sunny wall. This kept the fruits (the few I got) dry and clean off the ground, away from slugs, and netted to keep off birds.Strawberries


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