A perfect Sunday roast chicken

I’ve recently discovered Home Farm Shop, in the next village, Kingweston. I’ve seen the sign before, as I’ve raced towards Castle Cary to catch an unfeasibly early train to London, but never ventured up the dead-end lane to find it.

What a revelation! This has got to be the most delicious chicken I have ever had. Really. The best. Ever.

All I did was drizzle it with some oil, pushed a bunch of mixed fresh herbs inside, popped some of my potatoes and beetroot (both unpeeled) round the outside and roasted on gas mark 5 (@190C) for an hour and a half. I put some chopped courgettes round the outside for the last 40 minutes. Served with my runner beans, which I plunged whole into rapidly boiling salted water for just 4 minutes, drained and lacquered with a knob of butter.

The other meats sold at Home Farm look fantastic too, all from the farm or locally reared by neighbouring farmers. Click on their free range pork link to see a what very happy pigs, and farmers, look like! They also have some handy, simple to follow, cooking tips at the bottom of each page. What more do you need? Where can you go wrong? Good meat makes cooking easy.

And I can’t wait to go back and take some photographs of the stunning farm buildings.

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