When runner beans escape being picked (they’re not called ‘runners’ for nothing) they can suddenly grow Very Big Indeed. When this happens I like to Julienne them to get rid of any stringy bits. Tonight I had a rummage in the pantry for some inspiration and decided to serve them linguine-style. If you fancy a go here’s what to do:

Cook the linguine pasta. While draining, plunge your Julienne’d beans into lots of rapidly boiling salted water for not more than 3 minutes. Mix the two together with some butter (I prefer goats). Top with a soft fried egg, a little Parmesan and some chopped flat parsley. Salt and pepper.

I think I’ll call it Beanguine.


I’ve had this little Julienne gadget for years. I still have all 10 digits too. Miracoloso!9/21/15

Mmm, buono!9/21/15

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