Border Control

BIRU-WP-20150905T145928GMT-0100.jpgWhile away, my dad did a characteristic ‘secure the perimeter!’ attack on my garden. Hedges were trimmed. The wild corner was strimmed (Oh dear). Fallen rotting apples were rounded up and dispatched of.

I am, of course, very grateful. The hedges at the front were growing into the lane, the roadside verge was ‘letting me down’. (He’s turned very proud of his daughter’s award-winning garden).

BIRU-WP-20150905T150521GMT-0100.jpgBut thank heavens the hedgerow that runs the length of the stream was left ‘out of control’. It is positively groaning with blackberries, almost ready to start picking. (Even dad will abort an attack for the prospect of apple and blackberry crumble).


And time to buy that extra-wide jam funnel I’ve been meaning to get!



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