Constant Garden 5th delivery: I’m going in…

So it arrived. The last delivery of the Rocket Garden Constant Garden present that MNM bought me for Christmas. There have been five boxes all together, all crammed with seasonal vegetable plants, bare rooted and ready to plant out.

This last box is no different. I’d almost forgotten it was coming, being lulled into the feeling that things were ‘winding down’ in the kitchen garden. That I could put the beds to bed. And start to peruse the seed catalogues, with my feet up.

How wrong could I be! I spent a large part of the weekend desperately trying to find a place for everything, while allowing for the space different crops will need as they fill out. It will all need tending and weeding, and defending from slugs and snails, for a few more months yet. Glorious!

This last box contains:

Red russian kale x 10
Cornsalad x 10
Winter lettuce x 15
Endive x 10
Spring green cabbage x 10
Winter purslane x 10
Tatsoi x 10
Pak choi x 10
Landcress x 10
Spinach x 10
Cavolo nero x 10
Borecole x 10
Spring onions x 20
Red knight mizuna x 10
Packet of Broad bean seeds

I open the box to find… Mmm, broad beans 🙂 9/17/15

I decant all the plants into trays, and keep them sheltered while plotting things out9/17/15

Beds are cleared and lightly forked over. No digging requiredGlastonbury / England / United Kingdom - 9/19/15

Some of the plug plants, settling into their new home9/19/15


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