Crumble under pressure

This afternoon I’m more nervous than usual with the ‘Random Ingredients Challenge’ that is my default method of cooking.

My daughter has been out all day, playing hockey for her school team. She’ll be back in an hour, starving hungry and prowling round the kitchen, snarling like a lion (she’s that age). She’ll want to know what’s for dinner, and won’t be happy if it doesn’t have a proper name.

While nothing savoury comes to mind, I’ve got the decks groaning with freshly picked fruits and feel fairly confident I can make something of it.

I take the nutritionally unsound and non PC decision to feed her pudding first and then think about the main course after, when she’ll be purring like a pussy cat. I might even be able to get her to tidy her room and remove the wet towels from its floor.

It’s an amazing success! Please scroll down if you’re interested in my No-Grumble Crumble recipe. See, it’s got a proper name.

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My “No-Grumble” Crumble

Turn your oven on to gas 6, that’s 200C.

Chop up approx 4 large strawberries into quarters. Pop in a small pan with about 4 teaspoons of sugar and a dash of water to cover the bottom, and heat gently, stirring, til the sugar’s dissolved and the strawberries have slightly softened, making a pink syrup.

At the same time make the crumble topping. Put 100g plain flour, 50g porridge oats (elevates ordinary crumble to ‘gourmet’ status!) and 50g of sugar in a mixing bowl. Add 100g of butter (I’m a convert to goats butter), chopped up, and then mix altogether, lightly rubbing between thumbs and forefingers, to make a crumbly mix. Spread it out on a baking tray and pop in the hot oven for 10 mins to part-cook. This prevents the soggy un-cooked crumble effect.

Meanwhile, fill your ovenproof pie dish with a more or less equal amount of raspberries and blackberries (See approx amount I used in the images above). Pour the strawberries and warm syrup over the top.

Take the crumble mix out of the oven, cover the fruits with a layer, and pop back in the over for 15 minutes until it’s brown on top and steaming.

Leave to cool for 5 minutes while you get ready vanilla ice cream, clotted cream or some nice custard to serve with it.


PS no apples were harmed in the making of this recipe. They just happen to be in the photo

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