Fashion Week: a review

We’ve just had London Fashion Week, so I thought it fitting to show you who was on the ‘Best-dressed in Butleigh’ list this September.

Check out this luxurious ‘green velvet’, as worn by a dashing dragonfly9/5/15

How to look stunning while sunningGlastonbury / England / United Kingdom - 9/6/15

A ‘trunk show’ beauty9/12/15

Camouflage is still trending this season, this time in grey and tan9/5/15

Accessories make an outfit, as these antennae show9/12/15

Black and White, a classic that keeps returning, again and again (not a good look for cabbages)Glastonbury / England / United Kingdom - 9/6/15

The pain of the fashion faux pas: “I was wondering if you’d like to -”  “No” Glastonbury / England / United Kingdom - 9/18/15

“Okay”Glastonbury / England / United Kingdom - 9/18/15

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