It would beetroot to refuse

MNM is a whizz with the juicer. I’ve already featured the delicious juice he made with celery. Scroll down to read his wonderfully restorative recipe for Beetroot Juice, this time in his own words.

MNM beetroot juice

MNM beetroot juice

Guest blogger, MNM, says:

“Beetroot juice is a personal favourite of mine which is strange because I’m not your beetroot-and-goats’-cheese-salad sort of person. Beetroot has a beautiful earthy quality which goes perfectly with English apples. If you’re not lucky enough to have your own apple tree (there’s no excuse – especially with pot-grown pixie rootstock trees taking up the space of a twig) then supermarkets do have wonderful English apples at the moment. It’s been a great year in the orchards. Jazz is a particular favourite which will be around for a few more weeks.

Carrot is a perfect addition to any beetroot juice as it gives body and texture. Freshly picked ones from the garden are succulent and bursting with flavour.

I always like to add the juice of half a lime to any juice I make because it instantly stops the juice and the froth oxidising an unpleasant shade of brown.

One beetroot
One carrot
Two English apples
Juice of half a lime
Fresh mint to garnish

I use a Sage juicer which has a high setting for hard fruit and vegetables like beetroot, carrot and apple. I always put the juice of half a lime in the jug first and then juice the ingredients on top in any order.

Always make sure you stir the juice soon after making so that the lime mixes into the froth as well as the body.
Garnish with mint and relax in the knowledge that you’ve now got lots of clearing up to do.

And as always with beetroot – remember that you had it tomorrow so you don’t go to your doctor with a suspected rectal bleed.

Happy juicing!”

Thank you, MNM, for leaving us all with that thought.

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