Saturday night sausages

Add an apple to any dish, and suddenly autumn is here.

BIRU-WP-20150905T170055GMT-0100.jpgMy parents left a bag of apples from their orchard on the doorstep and, presuming they were cookers, I thought I’d add one to tonight’s “Random Ingredients Challenge” (how I cook for my daughter and myself most nights). They are in fact desert apples, sweet, tangy and much too delicious to cook, so I just chop one up.

The tomatoes get snaffled up by my daughter each time my back is turned, so I replace them with some green French beans.

I usually get sausages from the local farm shop, but these organic supermarket ones turn out to be surprisingly good. I cook them slowly on a low heat to get the best results.

These are the Arrow potatoes I harvested a few weeks ago. Butter, salt and pepper. Och, tasty, or what?! Very, very pleased with those.

I fry a few sage leaves to make them crispy (only takes a few seconds) and add them atop the chopped apple. The experiment works!  Nice 🙂

I cook the green beans for four minutes in rapidly boiling water. Keeps them green and seals in all the flavour. Perfect.


Daughter anticipating another evening meal of “Uncertain Description”, but eats it, and agrees it’s all very tasty. Job done.


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