She’s a beauty

It’s sad, but I love my little red car. After a lifetime of third-hand bangers, I decided a while back to treat my middle-aged self to something a little racy.

But just look at this beauty, draped across my bonnet. I’ve been holding off picking these Savoy cabbages as they just look so magnificent.  Yes, a few caterpillar nibbles here and there on the outer leaves, but in tip-top condition underneath.beautiful cabbage

Looking almost as beautiful, the Rolls Royce Flying Lady also known as the Spirit of Ecstasy

Rolls Royce lady

Why, I wonder, “Savoy”? After the stylish Savoy Hotel, the Strand, London? I look it up… No, it’s after the Savoy region:

an area of SE France, bordering on Italy, mainly in the Savoy Alps: a duchy in the late Middle Ages and part of the Kingdom of Sardinia from 1720 to 1860, when it became part of France. French name: Savoie Thankyou,


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