To marrow is another day

BIRU-WP-20150909T164522GMT-0100.jpgIt comes as something of a relief that I haven’t had a glut of courgettes. Despite growing two plants – which got absolutely ginormous, with masses of flowers – they have only produced a dozen or so fruits.

It’s easy to tire of too many courgettes. So I pick them when they are small and precious, before they balloon into tasteless, flabby marrows. I usually cook them thinly sliced, and fried quickly in hot olive oil. Or chunky and chucked in a roasting tin with herbs for forty minutes.

But I really should have done something more adventurous with all those flowers!

My best “courgette experience” was eating these, cheese-stuffed then deep-fried, tempura-style. I was overlooking Florence, in a fabulous scented garden, in the warm evening sun, circa 1999. It would be very, very nice to try that again one day.




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