A propa job

At the end of August I trained my rooting strawberry runners into pots to propagate some new plants for next year. They all took hold, and within four weeks were starting to grow roots out of the bottom of the pots. By the time I got round to finding a home for them, they were starting to root into the soil under the gravel path.

When space is limited, you can spend a long time procrastinating about where to put things, especially if they are going to be there for a couple of years. Is it the right place for them, the right soil, enough sun? Will they get in the way of my other crops?

I’d already dug a new semi-circular bed, with no particular plan for it, so this seemed to be as good a place as any for the now-desperate strawberries…. I can always move them on again in the spring if it doesn’t work out. The main thing is to give them a chance to nestle in before the cold weather arrives.

All in all, I’ve got 14 propagated plants, and all free! Hapils, Honeoye and Cambridge Favourite varieties.

And I’ve also got some special ones that I was given when on holiday in Orkney in the summer. I don’t know if they have a name. It is going to be a complete surprise to find out what their fruits will look and taste like. They have small, dark leaves and the prettiest flowers… a deep, delicate pink. I think I’ll call them Orkney Beauties.

A newly propagated ‘Hapil’ strawberry going into its bedGlastonbury / England / United Kingdom - 9/26/15

“Orkney Beauties” in Westray, before their journey south.Orkney Beauties


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