ABC= Apple + Blackberry + Crumble

A simple Apple & Blackberry Crumble has to be up there in my top 5 childhood food memories. The wonder of these free orchard fruits is that they are still so much better than anything you can buy. They embody autumn: falling leaves, the smell of bonfires, thick woolly jumpers, pink cheeks and long shadows.

These are the very last of the blackberries from my hedgerow. And I’m pairing them up with the windfall apples that are still falling crisp and glowing with “bite me now” rosiness… I’ve peeled, cored and trimmed them to remove any burrowing insects. The best apples (and only ones that I’ve picked off the tree, as fallen ones are likely to rot later) I’ve individually wrapped and put into storage in the garage.

I add a little home-made plum jam for sweetness, and a good squeeze of lime to stop the cut apples from turning brown. See my No Grumble Crumble for the topping recipe and cooking timesclassic apple and blackberry

I hide the finished ABC in the larder, in an attempt to keep it nibble-free,  and almost forget I’ve put it there. Am I turning into my mother?10/16/15

These slightly damaged apples are perfectly good to use now, but not perfect enough to keep.Glastonbury / England / United Kingdom - 10/18/15

Any apples that have been picked (not fallen), and are completely blemish-free, I’ve wrapped individually and put into storage in cardboard boxes in the cool of the garage. 10/16/15

Every now and then I’ll check on them, and remove any that show signs of rotting10/16/15


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