Blood-curdling recipe for red cabbage

It’s Halloween tomorrow, and the first of the beautiful red cabbages is in for a gory end. Off with its head!10/23/15

Spookily, everything from the veg garden is red today… Red cabbage, red beetroot, red chillies.  And a red onion and smoked paprika are lurking in the larder. I’d defrosted a couple of chicken breasts earlier, without anything specific in mind… It’s another ‘Random Ingredient Challenge’…Count Dracula

I type ‘red cabbage beetroot onion’ into Google and up pops this recipe on the Waitrose website. Quoting Frank Einstein, I shout “Paprika!”:

Despite the curdling, this was delicious. Even Little Miss Havisham enjoyed it.

Are you cooking anything especially spooky for Halloween? Please share it in the comments below 🙂


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