Posh nosh at the potting bench

When I get the opportunity of a full day in the garden the last thing I want to do is spend any of it indoors cooking. Especially when it’s a sunny autumn day, with rapidly diminishing daylight hours. But what an opportunity to make something hot and tasty for lunch and take it back outside to eat in that warm sun, while you still can!

I quickly fried up some mushrooms and bacon in a tiny bit of olive oil. Adding a few sprigs of oregano, just-plucked from the garden, chopped and stirred in at the end, made all the difference. Piled on top of a piece of  toasted bread, that had been pressed into the hot pan to soak up the residual juicy fat (I know not that healthy, but it’s only a little!), and it’s suddenly a sumptuous crostini.

I’ve put the outdoor table and chairs away until next spring, so the potting bench is where I perch to eat, and survey what I need to do next in the garden.

For five minutes, I’m at the best dining table in the world.10/2/15

And do you like my posh new gloves? They’re made of dreamy-soft deerskin leather, with tough black suede cuffs, and made by British company Gold Leaf.  I’ve found them protective when cutting back the brambles… and warm and comfortable when clearing leaves and debris on an autumn day. Please do click here if you’d like a pair (one size fits all ladies. Mens size also available)


Oregano, sage, parsley, marjory, rosemary and thyme share the flower beds. herbs among the flowers

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