Under the apple tree

When I first moved into the cottage, this time last year, there were two apple trees on the small lawn. In order to get the space and light needed for a kitchen garden the larger of the two, sadly, had to go.

The smaller one is also quite old, and I’m not sure what sort of apples they are. I don’t think they are cider apples as they are largish and edible (if a little tart), with white flesh. I really need to do my research and find out if they are a ‘keeper’ variety that can be picked, stored and that gets sweeter with age (any apple experts out there? Suggestions most welcome!). Unfortunately, nearly all are drilled with insects excavations so there won’t be many that are keepers this year.Glastonbury / England / United Kingdom - 9/26/15

Under the apple tree I planted a number of alpine strawberry plants, which have been reasonably productive through the summer. Every week I get a small handful, which I selfishly eat straight away. Even my daughter doesn’t get a look in.9/26/15

And on the north side of the trunk a colony of cyclamen has taken hold. Some are starting to escape across the lawn. They are tiny. You need to get down on your belly to really appreciate their exquisite beauty. 9/26/159/26/15


What have you got that grows well under trees? I’d love to know! Please feel free to comment below…

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