A hungry mob? Stir up a Celeriac salad

I’m struggling a bit with the celeriac. It is not behaving as I expected. Some are growing nicely, most aren’t much bigger than golf balls. This could be that I planted them too close together… So I’ve intervened and pulled up the smallest ones to give the others a chance to ‘strut their stuff’ and reach their full potential. I’ve also taken the outer leaves off the remaining ones, having researched that this will help the bulgy bit get bigger.

Bob Marley’s “A hungry mob is an angry mob” runs through my head every time I look at the three I’ve pulled and try to figure out how to prepare them to end up with something edible for lunch.


I find and adapt a recipe for a crunchy salad on BBC Good Food, bolstering the remains of the peeled and sliced celeriac with walnuts, Parmesan, parsley and a mustard dressing. Instead of celery, I chopped up some of the removed leaves from the celeriac. And I only used a teaspoon of grainy mustard for the dressing, as the recipes ‘tablespoon’ would have been too overwhelming. I also used lime instead of lemon, as that’s what I had.

Stirred all together, and topped with the Parmesan, it was very flavoursome and crunchy. It went very well indeed with roast chicken and mashed potato and satisfied our souls. And our bellies.


For a nice presentation, tear the leaves off the flat parsley, but don’t chop them…11/1/15

…and peel the Parmesan rather than grate it11/1/15

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