Spats: worth straying off the path for

Spats for girls who like to walk the walk

Oh my word. Love at first sight… How excited am I to receive these new-fangled wellie boots in the post this morning? I’m sorry if this is going to sound like an advert rather than a review, but I’ve been prancing around the house in them all day, and I can’t wait to wear them out for tomorrow’s Fireworks Night. And then just keep them on for the rest of the winter.

To me, Spats Boots  are the Jimmy Choos of Wellydom. Plus, they are as comfortable and cosy as they are cool, adding a touch of vintage panache to your outdoor togs.

Spats, wolf whistles in wellies

Designed by a very astute pair of British lady-entrepreneurs in the East End of London, Spats are fantastically comfortable and practical (working poppers make them super-easy to get on and off).  They are made from proper rubber (not plastics) by proper methods (not injection mounded) by proper people (in ethical conditions).

Spats- don't take your boots off the sofa!

As a designer, as well as a gardener, I know that for quality, style and sheer puddle-appeal, these hit the BUY ME NOW! button, at just £55. Click here to go to the website and see other colours/styles. These are the Black/Olive Craze option.

They can be ordered with an optional pair of real sheepskin insoles (which I highly recommend for added luxury cosiness) for £12.

Also available from Sarah Raven. Click the image below

Guaranteed to put a wiggle in your walk when out with the dog, pottering on the allotment (you’ll still need long wellies for serious digging), or straying off the forest path on the way to granny’s… I’d advise getting these in your wicker basket or on your Christmas list as quick as you can say “boo” to a Mother Goose.

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