‘Bad’ apples get the halo effect

I still haven’t found out the variety of the apple tree that grows in my garden. But I’ve been delighted to discover that the fruit are sweet, juicy and ever so slightly fizzy. They seem to be getting better tasting and sweeter as they mature off the tree… I’ve got several shoe boxes of them in the garage, filled with the best ‘blemish-free’ ones. They are each wrapped in paper to limit any spread of disease should one decide to go to rot.

I collected most of the ‘good but not perfect’ specimens that were left, which I piled up by the back door for a few weeks, wondering what to do with them all. Not suitable for storage (due to insect holes etc) they seemed too good to waste, but fiddly to deal with.

I’d been recommended this clever gizmo, which peels, cores and slices apples with amazing speed and precision. At not much more than £7 it is possibly the best value and most useful gizmo I’ve ever bought! If you have an apple tree, or access to apples, then you simply have to get one! It makes quick work of producing perfect apple rings, ready for eating, cooking or drying. Any insect damage can be easily spotted and cut away with the minimum of wastage (it’s surprising how little of the fruit is actually effected).

Considering these apples would have gone onto the compost heap, it’s a marvellous thing. Instead, they’ve been lovingly dried on my dehydrator (available from UK Juicers) and put in airtight containers to use in puddings, home-made granola and snacks over the coming months. You can also dry them in the oven on a very low heat. Just be careful to not accidentally cook them!

So, out of all those ‘bad’ apples, I got a hundred golden halos. A small miracle.

I’m wondering what else I can use this for… Have you used one of these contraptions for anything other than apples? Any tips or recipes for dried apples?

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