Celeriac mash: pâle mais intéressant

Diced celeriac
Peel, wash and dice the celeriac. Stir in a squeeze of lime juice

Getting home late, I opened the fridge to discover it didn’t have very much in it. With it being too dark to find the veg in the shed, or the raised beds in the dark, tonight’s ‘random ingredients challenge’ was what to do with 4 very small celeriac, a handful of mushrooms, a couple of eggs and some Parmesan. Oh, and a bottle of Prosecco. It all looked a bit greige.

First, I opened the Prosecco. Then I decided to make a mash, which turned out surprisingly sophisticated.

Still pale, but a bit more interesting.

Please click on the pics if you care to follow the recipe 🙂

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