Gifts to light their fire (not literally)

light my fireMore useful & beautiful Christmas ideas, this time tactile British-crafted wooden tools of preparation and presentation for your precious home-grown produce.

Gorgeous, elegant spoons, lovingly made by Luke Hope, this one is £50, at Hope in the Woods. Be sure to check out his Instagram images *swoon*Hope in the Woods

Tactile organic shapes and ethically-sound wood sources. Hand made in Hackney, East London. Elm serving/chopping boards starting at £40 from Hampson WoodsHampson Woods chopping boards

Fancy something even more rustic and individual?

Why not give the gift of learning the skills to make one’s own hand-carved wooden spoon? A fantastic range of day courses in Somerset and Wiltshire are available from Hand Made in Blighty (contact them on the site for gift vouchers).blighty field maple utensils

Hand Made in Blighty courses

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