Share the glove: a gift of Gold

Glad tidings of comfrey and joyI went to a garden trade show earlier in the year, and couldn’t help but be lured towards a display of beautiful yellow and black leather gloves, that seemed to croon:

Yellow… Is it me you’re looking for?

Gold Leaf is a British family run company that is clearly devoted to making the best gardening gloves it can. While I was on the stand, a head gardener from Buckingham Palace popped on to order a few more pairs (I did wonder if they were for herself or ‘her indoors’).

I too took a pair home to try out, and I’ve been wearing them in all weathers, fair and foul, for a couple of months now. Considering that they come in a ‘one size fits all’, they are incredibly comfortable, stretching to fit even my (less-than-regal) hands. This allows for a fair amount of dexterity for most gardening jobs.

The gauntlet-style suede cuffs defend against troublesome brambles, as well as stopping soil getting in while planting and weeding (an annoying feature of too-short gloves).

Being quality-lined leather, they are warm without being at all sweaty. And I think very reasonably priced at around £25.

Warning: I noticed that there were several inferior ‘yellow gauntlet’ imitations around the show, clearly trying to muscle in on Gold Leaf’s reputation. They were a little cheaper but poorer in quality, comfort and fit. You won’t get the ‘look of glove’ if you give those for Christmas.

click the image below & search ‘Gold Leaf gloves’ to buy from Harrod Horticultural
click the image & search ‘Gold Leaf gloves’ to buy from Harrod Horticultural

PS And here they are again, as modelled by the first Elizabeth…
As worn by the first Elizabeth

Tapestry by Katarina Thorsen


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