We wish you a merry Christmas

Orkney Beauty strawberry

It’s the first day of the holiday and, at last, I’ve been able to get out into the garden. I’m pleased to have caught up with the weeding, added a layer of compost to all the beds, planted the garlic, found space for more onions, and harvested some salad leaves (as light relief for the days ahead). I’ve also had time to think about where to put some more beds for soft fruit, and planned a compost area to build in the new year.


We have had incredibly mild weather here in England, with the temperature staying well up in the double digits… even at night. As a result, all sorts of things are thinking it’s already spring. The Orkney Beauties (my self-named strawberries) are in flower. But it has been wet, and very windy. So today it was delightful to have some sun.

Red cabbage chutney

Tonight I opened the tester jar of red cabbage chutney that we made back in October.  And very nice it is too! I feel better knowing it tastes good, as several jars of it have been wrapped and are under the tree awaiting their victims. We had it with goats cheese on toast sitting by the fire. It may not feel like winter outside, but it’s very cosy and festive here indoors.

So, here’s wishing you all a very happy Christmas and some days of relaxation ahead (just remember to keep an eye on those weeds!).


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