The Temptation of Tomatoes

On the way out from Pennard’s Potato Day, wondering if I my brown paper bags would survive the dash to the car in the ceaseless rain, my eyes strayed over to another table, and some rows of heritage seed packets that I’d previously overlooked. And then I saw it. A mesmerizing display of colourful and unusual tomatoes. Do not ask me how, but suddenly, inexplicably, I was standing in front of the display.

Hallucinating, I imagined a multi-coloured tomato salad, dripping with olive oil and a little S&P, glistening and twinkling like jewels on a hot summer’s day. Everyone was wearing sunglasses, drifting around in kaftans, and laughing in the way only people in the sun laugh.

I could not resist. I pulled my tongue back into my mouth and hurried with my stash of seed packets back to the counter.

Pennard Plants also sell their temptations online

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