Peeling groovy

Enough frozen veg peelings for stockSo, continuing in the spirit of Lent, I’ve been going further down the track of “waste not want not”. Whilst not necessarily needing to be quite this frugal from a financial point of view (although I am skint at the moment), I’m getting an increasing pleasure out of making ‘silk purses from sows ears’.

For example, there’s the vegetable peelings. Now, normally they would be recycled into the compost… in my case 2 wormeries and 2 bokashi bins. But the worms go on a go-slow in the colder months. And the bokashi bins are both full, waiting for better weather to dig their contents into some not-yet-ready beds.

Another ‘top tip’ I found on the internet recently suggested freezing all your vegetable peelings, tops and tails, nubby bits, skins and all, to make stock.  Simply add them to a bag in the freezer during the week until you have collected enough to fill a pot. Things to leave out are anything cabbage-based (a bit whiffy for stock), potato (makes it a bit cloudy) and things that deeply colour, such as beetroot. Also nothing mouldy or rotten. Otherwise, add it all to the freezer bag until you’re ready. Then put it all in a pan with a pint or two of water, add a few herbs, bring to the boil, turn right down and simmer for an hour or so.

Then let it cool, sieve it carefully into a jug (try and leave out any sediment), and pop it in the fridge. It should keep for a week or so, or re-freeze it to use another time.

I must say I’m rather chuffed with the delicious results, which I’ve been using in soups, stews and risotto.

PS. Someone has suggested adding any left over white wine to the pot (especially good for risotto). If left-over wine is something you ever have in your household, then that sounds a good idea!


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