Getting the sack

So far, I’m very pleased with these Marshalls potato sacks which I’m trying out this year. They are very sturdy and have strong handles so I can move them if necessary. They are much better than the cheap ones I bought last year, which got conveniently lacerated by my dad’s strimmer. I’ll be more careful with these!

I’ve got several varieties of potato, which I bought at one of Pennards Plants Potato Days… first earlies, second earlies and main crop, so I’ve used the concealed part of the sack labels to mark with a waterproof pen which potatoes are in which bags, and how many. The rest of the labels I’ve cut off as they looked a bit shabby.

Last year I grew 5 spuds per bag, and this year I’m trialling 2 or 3 to see if that makes a difference to the yield per seed potato.

I’m using the same planting technique as last year, starting them off in a couple of inches of soil and then I’ll top that up with a mix of top soil, compost and organic potato fertiliser as they grow.

PS Pennard Plants have got a 2 day OPEN DAY at their beautiful walled garden nursery in East Pennard, Somerset, BA4 6TP on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th of March 2016. I’m not sure they’ll have any potatoes left, but they will be selling their fabulous Heritage Seeds, vegetable and herb plants, and fruit bushes.

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