Quic-kale-ntils: from drama to karma

4/13/16I think I’ve mentioned before how much I’ve enjoyed the Red Russian kale. It’s the first time I’ve grown it, or tried it, and it’s been a treat. Not at all coarse, quick to prepare and delicious. The last couple of plants are now starting to send up flowers, and the beds are needing to be repossessed to hand out to this years seedlings.

Here’s a quick dish I threw together after work, between dropping off and picking up my daughter from her theatre club. 20 minutes there and back, 20 minutes to cook something hot/tasty/satisfying/healthy, 20 minutes there and back… if you have children, you know how it is.

What could I make in 20 minutes? I rummaged and found a tin of green lentils. I pulled up a kale, washed and finely chopped it (leaves, stalks, florets and all). On a medium heat, I warmed some olive oil, added chopped garlic and half a chopped dried chilli. I rinsed and added the green lentils. Stirred. I added the kale, mixed it to coat it in the oil, and heated it through. I added juice of half a lemon, and half a teaspoon of honey. Some flat leaf parsley from the garden, went in. I quartered and gently stirred in the tomatoes. Got it all hot then put spooned it into a warmed dish, popped a lid on top and went to collect.

On our return (accompanied by a very lively rendition of “Good Morning, Baltimore”), I quickly cooked some skinny spaghetti, stirred in the lentils, and turned a hungry theatrical child into a happy calm child.





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