Hot bombshells & ravishing radishes

There’s something very WWII ‘bomber pin-up’ about a radish. Even their variety names sound like the ladies painted on the side of American bombers: French Breakfast, Cherry Belle, Ilka.

I know they are quite ‘the thing’ these days in restaurants, pretty and refined, finely shaved as a garnish. But you can’t get away from the fact they are, in their just-pulled state, dare I say it… a tad naughty? They’ve got a touch of the polka dot about them, and are the colour of blushes. But don’t be fooled: what they lack in sophistication they make up for in fiery temperament.

Radishes grow very quickly, all at once, and lose their clean, crisp crunch when suddenly ‘pop!’ they’re as big as a bathing Betty on a saucy postcard. It’s best to sow them in small numbers, and keep sowing every now and then if you want to keep harvesting through the summer.

As well as eating them raw, I’ve been adding mine to various hot vegetable dishes while they’re still crisp and crunchy. Oi, cheeky!

A dish of aubergines, red onions, garlic, radishes, parsley, almonds, sumac.



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