Potty projects: large yoghurt pots

Another idea I had for DIY potting-on pots was to utilise large rectangular yoghurt tubs, with lids.

I hate throwing these away and, as they are not recycled in our area, I thought that I’d rather use these than buy more plastic plant pots. Here’s how to do it… I used tomato plants in the photos below:

  • Pierce the bottoms of the pots several times with a BBQ skewer, to create drainage holes. To do this, I laid down some cardboard on the gravel outside, and pushed the skewer through. This is much easier than trying to hold the pot and stops the plastic splitting (as well as avoiding any Saint Sebastian-esque moments of pain).
  • Insert the lid into the pot and hold at an angle more or less in the middle. Half fill the pot with compost evenly in both partitions. It’s now easy to add your seedlings either side, and fill with more compost.
  • When your plants are ready to plant out, water half an hour before, and the plants easily slide out with their wedge of compost attached to the roots. Plant! The pots can be saved and reused over and over.
  • Another advantage of using rectangular pots is that they don’t waste space like round ones on your windowsills!

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