Potty projects: walking on eggshells

You may have read an earlier post I wrote about using eggshells to start off seeds, instead of seed trays.

I’d seen several posts about this on other websites, but from the ethereal world of ‘craft’ rather than the practical world of ‘dig for victory’, so I was a bit sceptical. After a Twitter shout, the general consensus was that it was most probably a complete waste of time. Then my mum saw my stash of eggshells and said she remembered her granny using this method in the second world war. Were clay pots rationed? I don’t know… In any case, I thought it was worth a try… not least because it seemed to have piqued the interest of my tween-age daughter (anything to get her off the iPad and into the garden!)

We scattered the compost-filled eggshells with lettuce seed back in March, and put them straight outside under a cold frame. Considering we haven’t had the warmest of springs, they did grow rather well, protected in their eggshell ‘duvets’, and we planted them out in a raised bed in the middle of April. To make sure that they had the best chance of rooting, we crushed the eggshells slightly to make exits for the roots, and planted them, complete with eggshells, in rows. We covered them with a bubble wrap ‘tent’ to protect them from frosts. Now, I don’t know if the jagged edges of the shells stopped slugs from having a nibble, but not one of them seems to have been touched by the beasts of slime. So far.

All in all it seems quite a fussy project, but with surprisingly good results. It was vaguely entertaining for a spot of iffy mother-daughter bonding, and now it’s warmer the lettuces do look amazingly well, full of colour and vigour.

Would I do it again? Hmm. Probably not. But my daughter just might!

Have you got any inventive potty ideas? Please feel free to comment below 🙂

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