Potatoes… Fiddle-Dee-Dee!

It’s just like Pa would say… sometimes, out of the darkest danger and fear, comes the most beautiful & dazzling light.

Scarlett O’Hara

It’s great to see the potatoes looking so lush… After a stop-start spring, with plenty of late hard frosts, it feels kind of miraculous that they look as dandy as they do.

This year I’ve got a couple of blue varieties, which are quite striking with their dark stalks and fetching crinoline flowers. I think they’re pretty in a ‘Gone with the Wind’ sort of way… Showy but simple (and just a hoop short of vulgar).

Because I don’t have much space, and we’re a one car household, I’ve utilised part of the gravel drive and put a temporary potato patch there in grow bags (these hessian lookalikes were from Marshalls). As well as making best use of space, I think they are easier to  keep an eye on… They’re near the tap for watering and, as the top soil used is new and ‘clean’ and they can be spaced out to increase ventilation, I don’t think they are as susceptible to blight.

it is a bit of a fiddle to get them to this stage with growbags, and if they weren’t by the back door, demanding my attention to be fed and watered, frankly my dear, I don’t think I’d have given a damn.

Here’s a reminder how they looked just a few weeks ago, a little frost damaged and sorry for themselves…

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